The story of the Bloch pulling Fließ („Fließer Blochziehen“) The derivation of the custom as a relic of pre-Christian, pagan rituals is just as incomprehensible as its interpretation as a fertility cult festival. Although the Bloch pulling is considered one of the oldest forms of Shrovetide, the origin of the custom is interpreted in many different ways. In Fließ we unite all forms of interpretation. The bears and woodsmen represent the struggle with the forces of nature, the „Schallner and Roller“ embody winter and spring. The „Giggeler“ symbolises fertility. The „G'richt“ has developed from the fact that Fließ used to be a court of its own. In the Tyrolean region, pulling the bloch was still widespread at the end of the 19th century in other parts of the Tyrolean uplands than is the case today. In the Stubaital, Zirl, Inzing, Paznaun, Nauders, Fiss, Fließ and Landeck, for example, the Bloch was drawn. However, there are only sparse records of this. In 1569, the date of the Bloch drawing, as for all other carnivals, was moved to the time before Ash Wednesday by provincial decree. It is likely that the burial of the carnival developed at this time to mark the end of the carnival. The Ash Wednesday date has remained in Fließ until today. With the Labra from 1949, the Bloch pulling in Fließ can be documented from this time. In the fifties and sixties, the ski club, the fire brigade and the music band of Fliess took turns in organising the event, depending on which club needed money at the time. After the bloch pulling in 1964, however, the event fell asleep and it was not until 1985 that talks took place again to reactivate the bloch pulling in Fliess. The chairman of the Fließ Tennis Club, Walter Walzl, initiated discussions on the reintroduction of the Bloch pulling. A committee was formed from the clubs of the Fliess Tennis Club, the Fliess Football Club and the Niedergallmigg Ski Club, which dared to take on the adventure of the "Fließer Blochziehen". With Marth Franz as chairman, the bloch pulling could take place again in 1986 after a 22-year break. The committee decided to continue the tradition of the past. Bloch Pulling 9 February 1986 After extensive preparatory work, which was completed in a very short time, the Bloch in Ehl was cleaned up on the day before the bloch pulling, in addition to the general set-up work. Due to the snow and the persistent cold, the Bloch could be pulled by sledge. In the evening, the marksmen arrived for the bloch guard. The masquerade procession was carried out from the old primary schools or the Nursery school to the Bloch in Ehl. The route of the procession was chosen so that it started in the Ehl district and the finale could take place at the village square. The square fountain was recreated as a base for the court. In freezing winter weather, with the thermometer dropping to the -18° Celsius mark, all 70 participants were enthusiastic and fired up for the 1st bloch pulling after the restart. It was a difficult undertaking because on an icy road, for example, a good bell run demanded all the skills and acrobatic abilities of the actors and, instead of the melodious sound of the bells, often only a muffled "glagg" could be heard and the other bell ringers knew, now another one has fallen("iatz leit wieder uar"). The carter was Knabl Roman. The final event on the village square was the court hearing, with public prosecutor Schuler Serafin, judge File Herbert and public servant Tschögele Franz, where the municipal politicians got their comeuppance, the Bloch auction, the Bloch was bought by Jäger Wilfried and the Labra by and with Emo Lenz. At the Labra, someone (Jolly) was also taken for a ride, even though he himself was on the committee of the Carnival club. Despite the freezing cold and bad weather, the event attracted several hundred visitors. Due to the success of the first event, it was possible to think about the next one as soon as it was over. Bloch Pulling 7 February 1988 In order to keep up the rhythm with the bloch pulling in Fiss, the second bloch pulling was held in 1988, after only a two-year break. The snow conditions did not allow the bloch to be pulled with the sledges. At the 1988 event, the sleds with weels instead of runners("Prozen") had to be used to transport the bloch. In spite of sleet and wetness, a respectable number of visitors could be registered. Ehl was the starting point and with the stations fire brigade hall where the bears were searched for and caught, Widumbrunnen to catch the forest men who were in the Pastors garden. The finale of the event was the village well where the court was held, again with the public prosecutor Schuler Serafin, judge File Herbert and public servant Tschögele Franz, the Labra by and with Emo Lenz and the Bloch auction by File Herbert, the Bloch bought by Spiß Arthur sen. The carter was Knabl Roman, as in 1986. Children's Carnival 6 February 1988 From 1988 onwards, the children's carnival was organised with all schools and nursery school on the day before the Bloch drawing. The children's carnival was organised by the Carnival club. Prizes in kind were handed out at the prize-giving ceremony. Bloch pulling 1 March 1992 Besides the construction of the Bloch in Ehl, work was also done on the design of the village square. In order to be prepared for all weather situations, the square at the Gasthaus Weißen Kreuz was built up. On the village street, steel cables were stretched from house to house to form a canvas roof. This action alone shows the enthusiasm that was generated by the Bloch pulling. "D'Sindamihl" was built in 1992 by s'Flirschers Karl with the help of Hartwig and Wolfgang. However, the Bloch pulling in 1992 took place in glorious sunshine. The announcement of the Bajatzl again attracted many onlookers from their homes. The „Schallnerlauf“ (Sounders run) started the procession punctually at 12:00. After the march from the village to Ehl, the big procession could start. Fuhrmann Spiß Roman led the Bloch safely through the village. The bears and forest men provided the appropriate reinforcement. So nothing stood in the way of the trial, with public prosecutor Knabl Urban, judge File Herbert, public servant Tschögele Franz and the Labra von und mit Köhle Armin. Waltle Helmut bought the Bloch by auction. Children's carnival 29 February 1992 The children's carnival experienced its second edition. With the help of the schools and the nursery schools, a respectable children's carnival was again organised. The Carnival club was responsible for the organisation. The prizes were all donated by the Wild company in Neu Rum. Bloch Pulling 28 January 1996 On Saturday morning the Bloch was set up in the village of Ehl. The backdrop in the village was extended with the prison "Zelle 96". The old prison was a cage made of iron bars. Due to the last-minute decision to rebuild the cell and the fact that on Sunday this part also shone anew, Raas Goggo had to do the last painting work on the evening of the Children's Carnival. For the Bloch pulling in 1996, the sky shone in deepest blue. The guest of honour was Provincial Governor Wendelin Weingartner. The Bajatzl were out and about in the village all morning to draw attention to the upcoming event. Punctually like the clock, the sounders („Schallner“) started their run at 12:00 p.m. After all the masks had arrived in Ehl, the procession could start. The first ascent from Ehl to the fire brigade hall was then a tedious affair, as one had to realise that Bloch pulling 1996 the prototype wheels could no longer carry the enormous weight of the Bloch. There were repeated stops to change wheels. The skill of the carter Partl Josef was in demand. The chairman Marth Franz was already getting nervous and in the fire brigade hall they talked shop over a beer, whether they can to pack it ("weara dia dös ou packa"). The older generation was sceptical. With combined forces, there was no question that the hurdles could not be overcome. With a little delay, both the bears and the forest men could be harnessed in front of the Bloch. The trial with prosecutor Bock Charly, judge File Herbert and public servant Tschögele Franz and the labra of Köhle Armin was eagerly awaited by the spectators. This time the Bloch was auctioned off by Christoph Gitterle. Children's carnival 27 January 1996 The children's carnival was organised for the first time by the Fasnacht Burier. In cooperation with the schools and nursery schools a great children's carnival was organised. A Guggamusi accompanied the procession. With their twirling, they provided vocal support for the masked children. Bloch pulling 2000 In preparation for the Blochziehen 2000, the Fasnacht club was able to organise an exhibition on the theme of "Fließer Blochziehen" in cooperation with the Museum association Fließ. At the opening of the exhibition in early summer 1999, the music band of Fliess dedicated their village concert to the Carnival club and donated the proceeds to them. The Bloch pulling 2000 will be the last one where the start is in Ehl and the finish is the village square. Due to the planning of the DOZ, the village square will no longer be suitable for the end in the future. In 2000, in addition to the tent, there were other party rooms available, as the storehouse and the community garages had already been cleared out. Before changing in the nursery school, the lumberjacks first had to become active and lift the doors off the hinges with their fidget spinners, as the nursery teachers had locked all the rooms. Bloch Pulling 6 February 2000 The announcement by the Bajatzl after holy mass and at the morning pint in the inns caused quite a stir in the morning. The Sounders run („Schallnerlauf“) and the parade of masks took place away from the old school, as in previous years. With Hainz Franz as the carter, there was no doubt about the success of the procession. The stage for the court, with the composition, prosecutor Lang Karl, judge File Herbert and clerk Schmid Erwin, the Labra and the Bloch auction, was again the village fountain. The Labra was written and performed by Schlatter Stefan this time. Sebastian Gitterle did not let him take the Bloch out of his hands. Children's Carnival 5 February 2000 The preparations for the Children's Carnival 2000 became turbulent. Because the chairman announced at the opening in summer 1999 that all schools and nursery shools would be involved, the teachers of the primary school felt left out and defied the organisers. The Fasnacht club and fasnacht burial club always provide a great infrastructure, the funds raised are made available to the schools and nursery schools, and yet it is always a challenge to get the teaching staff involved. In order for the children to be present, the groups of the elementary school in Fliess were organized through the parent representatives. Due to this initiative, the children's carnival 2000 was a complete success. Bloch pulling 8 February 2004 The general assembly on Epiphany was the starting signal for the Bloch pulling 2004. For us as the people in charge, it was an uplifting feeling that so many people accepted the invitation and that about 2/3 of the young Fasnacht members took part in the general assembly. The Bloch pulling on 8 February 2004 was a new event, as a new route had to be chosen due to changes in the town centre. This circumstance led to our event experiencing an upswing. The new route from „Mühlbach Platzle“ to the main school proved to be very successful. By doubling the length of the route, more attractions could be incorporated. As usual, the Bajatzl announced the Bloch pulling from the end of the holy mass. The Sounders rang in the Fasnacht punctually at 12:00 p.m. The procession of masks from the main school to the Mill creek was dominated by the witches. The „Giggeler's“ activity gave the impression that several of them were on the move. The carter Braunhofer Andreas was able to give the command „pull“ ("Ziacha") on time. The uphill stretch away from the Mill creek demanded all their strength. From this point on, the intensive training beforehand was worthwhile. Gathering the combined forces was done by catching and harnessing the bears and the forest men. During the enforced stops, the audience was entertained by the Fliess music band and the performances of the Bajatzl. The witches presented the story of the "Zöbele Stase" (a with myths) at the village square. Flying the sheaves of grain from the cerial field into the barn was carried out. The lumberjacks came up with hearty dishes, demonstrating their cooking skills. The various groups and couples rounded off the ambience of the event. Behind the Bloch, the witch's wagon and the gypsy's wagon were pulled. The witch's blood that was served was supposed to give the guests a new spirit of life. The gypsies offered Chestnuts ("Keschnen"). The Final act was the "Hochgallmigger", who impressively portrayed the course of the year in peasant life. During the subsequent trial with Raas Goggo as public prosecutor, judge Lang Karl and clerk Schmid Erwin, there were many surprises. Not only the provincial governor Hannes Gschwentner but also the members of the provincial parliament Hans Peter Bock and Anton Mattle were present. In addition to municipal politicians, tradesmen and otherwise supposedly blameless citizens of Fliess, the mayor of Meano, Franco Michele, was also hit. "D'Labra" made witty critical remarks about village life in Fliess. Some were surprised that their misfortunes were taken up and recited in verse. The Labra was written by Agnes Schmid and recited by Gerhard File. At the auction of the Bloch by LA Bgm. Ing. Hans Peter Bock, a more than respectable result was achieved. At this point we would like to thank Christoph Gitterle for his support. Children's carnival 7 February 2004 On the day before the Bloch pulling, the nursery shool children, the pupils and the youths, together with their aunts and teachers, organised a brilliant carnival procession through the village. The Spaltaschränzer from Feldkirch framed the procession of masked people. Bloch pulling 3 February 2008 The Shooting companie Fließ had to suffer the first embarrassment, as their Bloch was cut off from Saturday to Sunday at 4:00 a.m. in the morning. The Bajatzl kicked things off on Sunday by drawing attention to the event taking place in the afternoon after the holy mass, and then also played their jokes during the reception of the guests of honour. During the performance of the Hexamusi, our chairman Gigele Reinhold and mayor LA Ing. Bock Hans Peter were able to welcome, in addition to many mayors of the Landeck district, the provincial councillors DI Hans Lindenberger, Dr. Erwin Koler, the district governor Dr. Markus Maaß and LA Anton Mattle. The friends from Meano were represented by more than 70 people. The big procession led by the carter Orgler Reinhard was heralded by the Sounders after the noon bells. During the subsequent masquerade procession, the various figures and groups were able to present themselves. The 52-metre-long tree demanded all the strength of the mask wearers in the first part of the trail. But with the help of the bears and the forest men, the ascent from the Mill creek to the village was easy. During the whole procession, everyone had to watch out for the Giggeler and nobody knew what to expect from the Bajatzl. The „G’stanzl“ singers entertained the audience with their singing. With "Witch goulash, „Riebler“(shredded corn roasted with lard) and roasted potatoes" prepared by the witches, lumberjack and farmers, the audience could fortify themselves for the other attractions. After the witches' dance, the hay auction and variouse funs on the village square, the procession continued to the courthouse on the main school square. The defendants at the court were in no way at a loss for justification and then all accepted their sentences. The court was composed of the prosecutor Raas Goggo, judge Lang Karl and clerk Reinstadler Harald. The Bloch was shared by Sebastian and Martha Gitterle at the subsequent auction by our mayor, a heartfelt "Vergelts Gott". The Labra, excellently recited by File Gerhard, should make you smile but perhaps also make you think. A wonderful weekend marked by the colourful performances at the children's carnival as well as at the Bloch pulling lies behind us. Such events can only take place when a whole community pulls together. Starting with the women who sewed and made the costumes, to the construction of the scenery, to the Bloch and all the masks and mask wearers. If we look back to the beginnings in 1986, when we formed the procession with 70 masks, and the following years, when we had to beg for participation, up to this year's event, then the commitment of the last few years has definitely paid off. A carnival procession with more than 200 participating masks and musicians is indeed no longer a small carnival event. It is very important for us that the participants come from all factions and age groups, which is why we also pay attention to the youngest ones, as dwarfs, squirrels or the new mini witches. The preparations and training in the weeks leading up to the event were worth it, because the performances of the individual groups were perfectly presented and each individual action created an overall picture and the enthusiasm of the participants was fully transmitted to the audience. I would like to express my sincere thanks for the discipline of the individual masquerader and ask for the audience's understanding for any small slips. It is one thing to come up with an idea, but it takes many heads and hands to carry it out. It is only thanks to the willingness of our committee members and the many voluntary helpers and associations that the Bloch pulling 2008 has become a perfect event. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all those who are mainly responsible and their helpers, to the municipality, the agricultural community, the fire brigade, the music band, the shooting guild, the shooting companies of Fliess and Hochgallmigg, the farmers' wives, the Brown Cattle Breeders' Association, the Fliess Choir, the Fasnacht bury club and the three main clubs, the Football Club and the Tennis Club of Fliess as well as the Ski Club of Niedergallmigg. It is a special pleasure for me that the people of Fliess and our businesses Stand by our Fasnacht event and have shown that we in the community of Fliess are a community and can achieve great things together. Your chairman Gigele Reinhold Children's Carnival 2 February 2008 As has been the case since 1988, it was the children's turn on the day before the Bloch pulling. Accompanied by the clowns and the Guggamusi they went through the village. Children and pupils from all fractions of the municipality of Fliess took part in the children's carnival procession. Fasnacht club Fliess founding meeting 11.11.2011 The Fasnacht club Fliess invited to the official founding meeting of the Fasnachts club on 11.11.2011. Despite a busy schedule, over 70 members accepted the invitation, most of them young Fasnacht enthusiasts, to shape the future of Fasnacht in Fliess. The Fließ Fasnacht club has existed as a joint venture between the three associations Football Club Fließ, Tennis Club Fließ and the Ski Club Niedergallmigg since 1986. The association was only registered with the municipality, but never officially founded. In the meantime, relatively high assets have been accumulated through masks and equipment, which made it necessary to put the association on a secure legal footing. In future, the association will be based on four pillars. The founding members are the Football Club Fliess, the Tennis Club Fliess, the Ski Club Niedergallmigg and the Fasnachts Bury Club Fliess. The date 11.11.2011 was chosen as the date of foundation. It is certainly the first association that can celebrate its 30th anniversary after 4 years. The foundation of the association was decided unanimously by all present Fasnachtern. In the future the association will be called "Fasnachts Club Fliess". The " Fasnachts Bury Club Fliess " will be incorporated into the association as an independent branch. As a proponent team, the previous committee with: Chairman Gigele Reinhold, Deputy Chairman Lang Karl, Secretary and Treasurer Geiger Sebastian, Deputy Treasurer Riezler Günter, Mask keeper Bock Bernhard, Equipment manager Reinstadler Harald, Bloch Warden Gigele Andreas, Warlock Neuner Marco, Bears and Sounders Warden Bock Martin, advisory members Walzl Walter and File Erich and the representatives of the Football Club Fließ - Kathrein Ernst and Sailer Florian, Tennis Club Fließ - Riezler Günter and Geiger Sebastian, Schiklub Niedergallmigg - Kathrein Bernhard, Makig Emanuel and Schlatter Norbert and for the Carnival burier - Wieser Marco and Würfl Rainer, named. The proponent team was also appointed as the new committee of the Carnival club Fließ at the same time. During the preview of the coming events, chairman Gigele Reinhold was able to present some innovations. For the first time in the history of the Fließ Carnival, the "NAZ" will be dug up together with the Carnival burier on 6 January 2012 After the already obligatory general meeting. At the children's carnival, which always takes place on the day before the "Blochziehen", in this time on 4 February 2012, all the nursery school and schools in the municipality of Fliess are represented, much to everyone's delight. Everyone is already looking forward to the 8th edition of the bloch pulling Fliess. The rush for the masks has increased from time to time. The Tyrolean fasnacht is subject to a strict order, which may not be deviated from, otherwise the valuable cultural asset becomes a carnival. All fasnachts are men's fasnachts, where women participate, it is automatically a carnival. (Excerpt from OSTR Prof. i. R. Heinrich Tilly sculptor carnival mythologist Telfs) The Fließer Fasnacht combines both types of events. On Saturday the children's carnival, as the name suggests, is a carnival, and the Tyrolean fasnacht is in the foreground at the NAZ burying and at the Bloch pulling. 10.01.2012 Plenary meeting and NAZ dig out The Fasnachts club has shown flexibility and decency and postponed the plenary assembly, which was scheduled for the evening of Epiphany, to Sunday due to a death. The plenary meeting on 10.01.2012 is the official start of the Fließer Bloch pulling. The assignment of the masks is now complete. More masks were commissioned for the mini witches. Neuner Marco was able to report that 70 witches will be in action. The main characters like „Schallner, Roller, Bären, Giggeler, Tuifl, Zigeuner, Paare, Hochgallmigger, the Labrasänger and the Musikkapelle“ form another block of 170 to 180 participants. The chairman concluded by pointing out that all the participants should prepare well for the Bloch pulling and that they should not consume too many alcoholic drinks the day before, at the children's carnival. To get in the mood for the upcoming event, the film of the Bloch pulling in 2008 was shown and this partly caused amusement and laughter. In the second part of the plenary meeting, another innovation in the course of the Fließer Fasnacht came to fruition. To the delight of the many onlookers, the NAZ was dug up and could then be brought back to life. In dialogue with the preacher, the guests were served a foretaste of the Labra 2012. With this act, the starting signal for the Bloch pulling 2012 was finally given. Bloch Pulling 5 February 2012 The Bloch pulling 2012 was characterised by icy cold - 16° degrees despite sunshine, as well as the most diverse innovations. It all started on 11.11.11 with the founding of the "Fasnachts club Fließ". The youth convinced with their numerous presence. At this meeting it became clear to everyone that the right path had been taken and that the decision to involve the youth and pupils in the big fasnachts paved the way for the future. The NAZ excavation on 10 January 2012 was the first step towards the fasnacht in 2012. With the NAZ excavation, the children's carnival, the Bloch pulling and the NAZ burial at the end on Ash Wednesday, Fliess has a chain of events that fills the fasnachts season every four years. The many ideas that have also been put into practice have contributed to the fact that our fasnacht now has a great status in the scene. The backdrop at the main Bloch parade 2012 school square with the Sindamihl in 1992, the prison in 1996, the court in 2008 and the farmer bar in 2012 show how the event has taken shape. The mini witches made a positive impression on the visitors with their carefree attitude and were sometimes feared for their agility. Nobody was safe from their broom. The carter Kathrein Wolfgang mastered his task with bravura - there was never the thought that he lacked an overview and he had the situation under control at all times. The main characters were sensational this year. The joy and ambition of all participants was fully transmitted to the audience. Thus the event became a brilliant celebration. The weeks and months of preparation were put on display in impressive style and duly rewarded. Participating associations: Fasnachts club Fliess; Fasnachts bury club; Tennisclub Fliess; Footballclub Fliess; Skiclub Niedergallmigg; Fliess Fire Brigade; Fliess Rifle Guild; Fliess Rifle Company; Hochgallmigg Rifle Company; Fliess Choir; Fliess Farmers' Wives; Fliess Brown Cattle Breeders' club; Fliess Music Band; Fliess Theatre club. Blochziehen 5.2.2012 by Vice chairman Karl Lang On Saturday 4.2.2012, before the big carnival weekend, numerous volunteers worked on setting up the scenery in Front of the main school. Yes, details were still being worked on right up to the last moment. After Holly Mass on 5 February 2012, the Bajatzl started their round through the village to announce the Bloch pulling. Around 11 a.m. the gymnastics room of the cultural hall filled up with more and more active people. At the same time, our chairman welcomed the guests of honour to the DOZ for a reception. It was getting more and more hectic in the cultural hall, but our masquerader and his helpers had everything under control. After everyone had changed, the mask keeper, Bernhard Bock, and the carter, Wolfgang Kathrein, gave the last instructions. Finally it was time to get the sounders and rollers ready so that they could be taken to the Bloch. At 12 o'clock sharp, the Bloch procession began with the „Schallner run“ from the Mill stream to the main school and after a short break, the procession of the individual groups (Sounders, rollers, Witches, Bear Drivers, Hunters, couple, cock, tuifl, midget and finally the "Gendamerie" (police) and the Court). Despite the icy temperatures, about 3000 onlookers lined the village street. The witches and mini witches had their hands full keeping the way clear for the procession. When they arrived at the Bloch, the carter Kathrein Wolfgang checked once again that everything was in order and that everyone had taken up their positions. After everything was in order for him, he loudly gave the command to start and also lapped with his hostage. After initial difficulties, the Bloch, a spruce about 45 m long, started moving and made its way from the Mill stream to the main school. Of course, the carter also had to deal with some problems on the incline from the Mill stream to the „Gasthof Traube“, so that the Bloch came to a halt. At the first stop, the bear drivers and hunters had to catch the bears and harness them in front of the Bloch, and at the second stop, the forest men were harnessed in front of the Bloch as further help. After the first stop, the group of Hochgallmiggers led the procession, they even had a billy goat named Hanspeter (our mayor is called Hans Peter) with them. The next stop was in the village, where individual groups (witches, lumberjacks, etc.) gave demonstrations in the village square. The procession ended for most of the more than 200 masqueraders when they reached the main school square. At the forecourt of the main school the spectators were welcomed by a great scenery (fasnachts court, Sindamihl and the farmer bar). Now the carnival court of Fließ (Raas Gottfried, Lang Karl and Reinstadler Harald) met and sentenced some of the guests of honour who were still present to fines and a free slide through the Sindamihl. Afterwards, our mayor auctioned off the Bloch, which was bought by Michael Gitterle. Michael Gitterle increased the amount from € 1.500,-- to € 3.000,-- to the delight of the Fasnachts club. Finally Gerhard File recited the Labra. Children's carnival 2012 On Saturday 4.2.2012, before the big carnival weekend, numerous volunteers worked on the construction of the backdrop in front of the main school. Yes, details were still being worked on right up to the last moment. Saturday was the big day for the children and pupils of the community of Fliess. Around noon, the forecourt of the main school filled up with funny and scary figures and great costumes. Nothing stood in the way of a great parade in these icy temperatures. At 1 p.m. the colourful procession with about 270 children started to move, accompanied by a "Guggamusi“. All praise to the individual groups for their great costumes and ideas. Inauguration of the community centre 28.4.2015 The Carnival club had the honour of organising the festivities for the inauguration of the village centre. It was a challenge for us too, as everything from the altar to the kitchen had to be done in a very small space. It was an event where we were able to show how with a good cohesion, with strength and energy we can handle a great event. For the support we always get at our events, we were able to give something back to the community and our people. Fasnachts series 2016 The bloch pulling 2016 was all about "30 years of Bloch pulling Fließ" since its restart in 1986. Long Night of the Museums with the exhibition "Fasnacht in Fliess". For this occasion, the exhibition "Fasnacht in Fliess" was organised together with the Fließ Museum club. The Long Night of Museums on 3 October 2015 was the perfect time to open the exhibition. The exhibition was opened by Ao.Univ.Prof.Dr.Thomas Nußbaumer with a great lecture about the "Bloch-, Larch- and Pflugziehen" in North and South Tyrol. Afterwards, the poster for the 2016 carnival series was presented. The poster was designed and painted by our artist Christian Spiß. He provided the painting free of charge. Thanks to Christian at this point. File Thomas wrote the "Fließer Fasnachtsmarsch" and handed it over to the chairman on this occasion. A heartfelt thank you to Thomas as well. Before the visit of the exhibition " Fasnacht in Fließ" thirty years of Bloch pulling, the Fließer Fasnachts beer was presented and released for tasting. For the exhibition, a Bloch with various figures and descriptions was set up in the Via Claudia hall. The opening of the exhibition and the lecture attracted more than 90 people from Fliess to the museum. Tree felling with axe and cradle saw On 26 October 2015, the Bloch tree was felled for the Bloch pulling 2016 near the Wolf's pit in the "Runserwald". The tree is about 98 years old and over 40 metres long. For the 30th anniversary, those responsible came up with something special. Gigele Andreas, Spiß Hannes and Würfl Rainer felled the tree with axe and cradle saw, just like in the old days, dressed in loden trousers and using pure muscle power. This action was also filmed. General Assembly and NAZ excavation At the general assembly on 5 January 2016 in the full Via Claudia hall, the stage was set for the Bloch pulling. The Fasnachts club Fließ has a four-year period written into its statutes. Every 4 years there is a general assembly with new elections. The date would have been 11.11.2015. However, the committee decided that a new election shortly before the next Bloch pulling would not make sense, as all the preparations had been underway for some time. The General Assembly therefore decided to always hold the General Assembly in November in the year of the Bloch pulling. In order to comply with the Association Act, the term of office of the existing committee was unanimously extended until the 2016 General Assembly. All Carnival were already gripped by Carnival fever and the expectations increased with the appearance of the Fasnachts excavation and the witches during the general assembly. Afterwards, the NAZ was dug up and brought back to life. The dialogue between the preacher and the NAZ was a source of amusement for the audience. With this act, all the omens for the Fließer Fasnacht were set. Bloch Pulling 7 February 2016 On Saturday, the top of the Bloch was taken out of the forest behind Gretlern. The Bloch was now complete and could be erected in the usual manner. 42 metres long with a diameter of 60 cm, the tree convinced everyone that Sunday would not be a walk in the park, but would require all the skill of the carter Kathrein Wolfgang and the strength of all the masks. After the tree had been decorated, the Rifle Company Fließ was ready for the night watch. The first to perform on Sunday were the Bajatzl. After the holly mass, they started from the forecourt of St Barbara's Church through the entire village to announce the Bloch pulling. During this time, the gymnasium of the NMS was filled with boys from all over the municipality of Fliess. Supported by the women and mothers, the dressing began. At eleven o'clock, the mayor Hans Peter Bock and chairman Reinhold Gigele welcomed numerous guests of honour in the Via Claudia hall. In addition to many mayors and Fasnachts friends from the communities of the districts of Imst and Landeck, the friends and the mayor of Meano, Pastor Herbert Salzl and many tradesmen from the community of Fliess, the guests of honour included Provincial Councillor Bernhard Tilg and Vice-President of the Provincial Parliament Toni Mattle. Punctually at 12:00 noon, the Sounders began their impressive, wonderfully staged "Schallnerlauf" from "Mühlbach-Platzle" in the direction of the New Middle School. During this time, the Music band Fließ took up position on the village square to entertain the guests of honour, and the Bajatzl and Hexamusi also provided entertainment. During the procession of 230 masks, the Musikkapelle Fliess started the premiere of the carnival march composed by File Thomas. For the first time the group from Piller was welcomed as a separate group at the Bloch parade. They reenacted the gypsies. With their fortune teller (Streng Reinhard) they were immediately a crowd puller. The "Hochgallmiggers" had a small hitch and were only present with a small but fine troupe this time. During the entire procession, which was in the hands of the carter Kathrein Wolfgang, there was never a dull moment. The traditional procession was broken up by attractions scattered over the entire area between Mill stream and Ehl. The backdrop at the festival site was extended by the entrance to the wine cellar. A separate level is now available for festival guests of all ages. The farmer bar for the young, the garage restaurant for the hungry and for those who prefer the cosy, the wine cellar is a retreat . Sebastian Gitterle bought the Bloch at an auction for € 5,200. At the court (Raas Goggo, Lang Karl and Knabl Winfried) there were many dialogues between the prosecution and the accused, where by our Pastor Herbert stood out and let himself be redeemed by the vice president of the provincial parliament Toni Mattle. The Labra was written by the "Labra man of the first hour (1986 and 1988)", Emo Lenz and presented in an excellent way. Even the chairman once made it into the Labra with an article. An innovation was installed at the festival site this year. During the Labra, the film team tried to capture the people concerned with their cameras and then project them on to the large screen in the festival area. Laughter was us guaranteed on the square. Participating associations: Fasnachts club Fliess; Fasnachts Burial club; Tennisclub Fliess; Footballklub Fliess; Skiclub Niedergallmigg; Fire brigade Fliess; Shooters' Guild Fliess; Rifle companie Fliess; Hochgallmigg; Sport club Piller; Children's Youth Promotion Association "Walchlift Piller"; Choir Fliess; Farmers Wives Fliess; Brown cattle breeding club Fliess; Music band Fliess; The municipality of Fliess incl. the municipality administration and the building yard, the Landeck Red Cross, the Landeck police, as well as the members of the Fasnachts club with all the associated and participating associations ensured that everything ran smoothly as usual. • • • Saturday 6 February 2016 Children's Carnival The children's carnival on the day before the Blochziehen is always a surprise. It is not guaranteed that all kindergartens and school classes are involved. Sometimes it's the parents, sometimes it's the teachers and kindergarten aunts who don't like a joint children's carnival. As it is, the children fall by the wayside. Nevertheless, this year more than 300 children and young people took part in the parade. The Guggamusi "Spaltaschränzer" from Vorarlberg were delayed due to traffic. So the parade started without them. At the end of the event, however, they still created quite a stir and joined in the celebrations and playing until the evening hours. Village Renewal Award Tihany Hungary The municipality of Fliess received a recognised European award in the form of the Village Renewal Prize. The award ceremony took place on the peninsula of Tihany at Lake Balaton in Hungary. A delegation of the carnival association was part of the delegation of the municipality of Fliess. We were allowed to present a peculiarity of the municipality of Fliess. The Blochziehen is a unique event of Fliess and fits very well into the guidelines of "being open" of the received award, because all fractions and many associations participate in this event. The sounders, scooters, witches and the Bajatzl, along with the music band, created quite a stir and delighted the audience, which was present from all parts of Europe. 2nd General Assembly on 11.11.2016 The Fasnachtsverein invited to the 2nd General Assembly on 11.11.2016 in the Via Claudia Saal in the village centre of Fliess. In addition to the mayor and the local councillors Lang Karl and Jäger Alexander, the chairman was able to welcome more than 50 Fasnachter. For the date of the general assembly, the board has chosen the 11th of November of the year in which the Blochziehen takes place. This gives enough time to finish the past event and to prepare the next one. This results in a four-year cycle for the General Assembly, each with new elections. In his report, the chairman gave a cross-section of the Fließer Blochziehen since its beginning. Looking into the future, the chairman highlighted two projects. The first one, which is easier to realise, concerns the Marth-Knabl House. Thanks to the initiative of the municipality, there is the possibility to present the Fließer Fasnacht in one of the oldest houses in Fließ. We would design one or two rooms and make our masks and treasures accessible to the public. The second project is the construction of a new storage hall, so that we have a place to store our bulky equipment properly. After the cash report of the treasurer Geiger Sebastian and the discharge, the chairman was allowed to hand over the chair to local councillor Jäger Alexander, who conducted the new elections with the following result. Chairman Gigele Reinhold, Deputy Lang Karl, Secretary/Treasurer Geiger Sebastian, Deputy Riezler Günter, Mask Warden Bock Bernhard, Equipment Warden Reinstadler Harald, Bloch Warden Gigele Andreas, Warlock Neuner Marco, Schallner/Bären Bock Martin, Advisory Members Walzl Walter, File Erich, Mathias Wohlfarter, Fasnachtvergraber File Thomas, Wieser Marco, representative FC Fließ Kogler Christian, Zangerl Rene, representative SKNG Weber Michael, Achenrainer Jasmin, representative Piller Deutschmann Daniel, Hairer Willi, representative Hochgallmigg Heinz Peter, cash auditor Huter Wolfgang, Wohlfarter Werner Award of the European Village Renewal Prize 21.09.2018 The municipality of Fliess was allowed to host the award ceremony of the European Village Renewal Award 2018. The Fasnachtsverein with its affiliated clubs Tennis Club, Football Club and Ski Club Niedergallmigg were responsible for the catering and refreshments for the approximately one thousand invited guests and for the infrastructure on the square and in the festival hall. We incorporated the motto "THINKING FURTHER" into the planning. The associations that have a place or premises at the Kalvari Sports and Leisure Centre were brought on board to organise this three-day festival. All members, including the women of these associations, were able to contribute hours of work to the construction of the sports facilities and club premises at the Kalvari. Thus, in cooperation with the municipality and the associations under the leadership of the cultural committee, an extraordinary festival with lasting impressions could be organised. Thanks to all the volunteers. Bloch pulling 2020 Bloch beating on Saturday 19 October 2019 The Bloch, a spruce about 40 m long, was felled by our woodsmen in the Gerfawald with a cradle saw and axe. The tree 220 years old, 80 cm in diameter and weighing about 6.6 tonnes is one of the most magnificent trees we have ever hauled through the village. The tree was then hauled away from Gerfawald on 30/11/2019 in 70 cm of snow. Assembly and NAZ digging 5 January 2020 At the General Assembly, the Via Claudiasaal was filled to capacity. The chairman gave a short review of the tree felling and a presentation of the programme for this year's carnival series. After the presentation of the poster, a woodcut by Christian Spiß and the tasting of the carnival beer, the witches and figures of the Fasnachtvergraber stormed the hall. Accompanied by the band and many spectators, the NAZ was dug up with much fanfare. This paved the way for the carnival in 2020. Children's Carnival 15 February 2020 At the Children's Carnival 2020, more than 300 children, schoolchildren and young people with their escorts from all parts of the municipality of Fliess took part in the procession. For the first time, a Tyrolean group, the 1st Kundler Guggamusi, accompanied the procession. Excellent performances by the kindergartens and schools and a great organisation characterised the Children's Carnival 2020 and ensured a great festival. The crowd was record-breaking. Bloch Pulling 16 February 2020 The Blochziehen 2020 already became a superlative with the selection of the tree. The spruce, 220 years old, 40 m long, 80 cm in diameter and weighing 6.6 tons was already the first record. The number of participants in the procession has settled around 230. There are always adaptations to the figures and groups. For example, the photographers have experienced a revival. We keep a close eye on the Blochziehen to ensure that it remains a genuine Tyrolean carnival and does not develop into a carnival bustle. The preparations, be it in terms of fitness, construction or masks, have once again proved very successful. The video clips as an announcement in the run-up have fuelled the carnival fever. The stream of visitors to our event was once again gigantic. The joy and zeal of the masqueraders was fully transmitted to the audience. The performances from the Schallnerlauf to the Maskenaufzug and the Blochumzug to the Gerichtsverhandlung and the Labra were received with enthusiasm by the guests. The last record was then set with the Bloch auction and the proceeds of € 15,100. The Gabl-Bau company thus made a wonderful contribution to the preservation of this cultural institution. Special thanks go to all the volunteers, the municipality and the participating associations of Fliess and all the businesses that are located in Fliess or have their roots in Fliess